Thu, 11/24/2016 - 19:02

Wearable technology is literally the next big thing in the world. Internet of things is now a more popular feature than ever before with everything from glasses to watches becoming part of technology you can wear. In the same line of thought, HP has launched the first of its kind smartwatches for both sexes. Interestingly, HP has partnered with major watch brands like Tommy and Isaac Mizrahi to create a line of watches that are built to suit the digital age. All of their watches are smart forms of wearables disguised as analog timepieces. These are no ordinary watches and can do so much more than simply tell you the time and in some cases, the date too. Watches are something we glance at every now and then and we do at our smartphones too, but maybe this is a way to get away from all the radiation from your smartphone!

At first glance, all of these watches look like regular analog watches. When you take a deeper look, you will notice the small screen in the dial to display notifications and "Engineered by HP" engraved on the rear region of the watch.

In addition to having components that help in hand movement, these watches also have components that like a microcontroller that acts as their brain and an accelerometer that can track the number of steps you take. The only possible disadvantage that we see with this watch is that although the dial is water resistant up to 100 feet, the same cannot be said about the strap; which invariably means you shouldn't wear it when you're swimming or showering. Not that anyone would. Nevertheless, the features with this one will make you want to stare at your watch all day long. Here's what each brand of smartwatch can do. HP has our votes with this one.

Hugo Boss is a very popular brand and their timepieces have a distinct quality to them that makes them stand out. HP has partnered with this brand to create a line of smartwatches for men and HP has designed it so that it helps you keep track of everyday things. This watch can function with both Android and Apple smartphones. Its got a battery life of up to 5 days and gives discreet notifications or reminders. You can tailor what you wish to be notified about and how. The notification and the vibrations work in sync. Sync it with your phone using Bluetooth. Yes, a smartphone is great, but it does not have the added benefit of being a suave styling option now, does it?

Another brand loved by the world is Tommy Hilfiger. HP has left no stone unturned in making this brand even more loved than it already is. It's been built with the same smart technology as the previous one and can work with Android and Apple phones equally well. While the options were only two with the first brand, Tommy has 3. Install the TH24/7 app from the store on your mobile devices to connect your watch to your smartphone. Customize what you would like to be notified about and stay smart all week long.

Isaac Mizrahi is a brand loved by women all over the world and HP has collaborated with this brand to make their watches irresistible. This is a water-resistant analog timepiece that can work with all Android and Apple phones. The notification display is also subtle enough to not block the beauty of the timepiece and is still bright enough to be noticed. Like all the other smartwatches on this list, this too can track your activity and tell you your daily fitness quotient.

There are a few other brands that have also collaborated with HP to create smartwatches. Not all of them have been discussed here because the same features have been built in al the watches. If you absolutely must know what brands are with HP on this one, here's a list- Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, COACH, FERRARI, Juicy Couture, Movado Bold, Isaac Mizrahi and Titan.

Let us know if you find this information useful and do tell us about your experience if you end up buying one!