Thu, 11/24/2016 - 18:58

HP Enterprise and how it came into being

HP Enterprise is a service based organization, focused on information technology. It was founded in November 2015, in California, after which it was split from Hewlett Packard company. After the split, the old HP changed its name to HP inc and the Information technology spin off was called Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The only difference between the two names was that the new one did not use the hyphen originally used between Hewlett and Packard.

The decision was made and announced in May 2016 and HP Enterprise was sold to Computer Sciences Corporation. This deal was completed and a new company called DXC technology was incorporated. The company later acquired control of Silicon Graphics International. Later that same year, they merged with Micro Focus and Micro Focus was given control of software that was not core HP Enterprise. Over a year later, the company announced completion of its merger.

So what are the possible options available with HP Enterprise? The first of their solutions is called Hybrid IT Solutions. It is one such technology that you can adapt and change to suit your changing business needs. The world is developing and digitizing everything at very fast rates and the infrastructure of every company is under pressure to fall in line. HP IT Solutions is a simple pitstop that combines traditional IT Software management systems with private and public Cloud to better integrate technologies across many forums.

The key to transforming any company into a Hybrid IT begins with identifying the workload that works best in a particular environment. This will help in optimizing the cost and the workflow to make the performance and security agile. So long as you provide the required data and the services that are needed to keep your business going, you will be able to optimize the workflow.

Another popular service from HP Enterprise is their Mobility and Internet of Things solutions. This feature has been used by popular brands like Warner Bros and Mary Kay. There is always going to be interaction between humans and the connected world- machines, softwares, environments and devices are going to be in constant touch with each other. The important thing to do is study the effectiveness and extent of these interactions and gather insight form it so as to make your organization better. This will help generate a business model that is more suitable for the digital age. Here are a few things that you can do with this service.

Everyday customer experience can be greatly enhanced with a feature like this. You will be able to deliver location based services and provide customized offers to repeat customers. Build your own app and customize it for your business type.

This service can also act as a bridge between campus locations and remote offices to ensure collaboration and speed.

Using Mobility and IoT, you will be able to find new ways to drove business and increase efficiency- there are measures to reduce delay in data transmission to the data centeror the Cloud.?

They also have data analysis tools that help analyze every inch of data produced from end to end. The good thing about this feature is that it can be used and customized to businesses of all types and sizes, you can create a data analysis solution that exactly matches your type. Let's take a look at what they promise to deliver.

The entire process is data driven for them and so, three main aspects of their service are data center modernization, data center infrastructure, and data driven services. The first helps in data migration and transfer to the cloud. the second helps in IT prediction and analysis. This is especially important to keep your business updated with anything new in the ever changing IT domain. The service being data driven simply means that you will have enough data to analyze who and what will be suitable for a particular business need.

There are many other services that come wit using this feature, but the goal remains largely singular- to predict and analyze a business model. Many popular brands have been clients of HP Enterprise and have benefited from their business solutions. Keep checing our website to get insightful case studies on the same.