Thu, 11/24/2016 - 18:59

How to organize your day with an HP Smartwatch

Internet of things or IoT is now a raging phenomenon and tech giants all over the world are competing to be forerunners of the same. Leading tech brand HP is no different. With the advent of wearable technology, HP brought about quite an interesting trend. Itpartnered with major watch brands to create a line of smartwatches, with the solidifying tagline “Engineered by HP”. Let’s take a look at how a smartwatch is useful for the everyday user and how it helps get your day more organized.

Firstly, it is evident that HP has given the design of the watches a lot of thought. This cannot be claimed by other wearable technology gadgets. Plus, smartwatches are easily chargeable, so that it is looked at as a convenient alternative to smartphones. Since a watch is a style statement for many along with being a utility, HP has partnered with global watch brands that consumers love, to make appealing smartwatches with multiple features.

Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Isaac Mizrahi and Titan are a few brands that have collaborated with HP to create a line of smartwatches. All of these brands have withstood the test of time and it turns out HP took the right call. Apart from being the usual stunners that these watches are, they have a multifaceted personality to them.

Here’s the interesting part. After connecting your smartwatch wirelessly to your Android or Apple phone (yes, it works with both), you will completely minimize the need to stare at your phone mechanically, all the time.

The working of a smartwatch is more than similar to a smartphone, only on a smaller screen and with more wrist usage. To use the smartwatch like a smartphone or in its stead, you will have to connect the two.

The first and most major benefit of a smartwatch is that you can pin apps that you use regularly on your smartphone to it. You will be able to access the most important apps with ease. Use this for the go-to apps you have on your smartphone.

Smartwatches come with a keypad that you can use to type out and send messages in communication apps. Every time you receive a message on your phone, you will be notified on your smartwatch, provided you have the application pinned. The notification is visible only to your eye and your watch dial has a special LED screen to display it. Click on the app you wish to open for about three seconds and you will be able to answer the message.

You will also be able to set reminders and alarms on your smartwatch, just like you can on your smartphone. Set the time and date as you usually would with a smartphone and your watch will do the rest.

A point of concern with many smartphone users is the amount of time they spend staring at their screens for notifications. The easiest solution to this is enabling notifications on your smartwatch so that you simply glance at your watch when a notification appears. A sneak peek is all you need to do when your smartwatch vibrates, much like a smartphone would. This is especially useful in situations where you cannot look at your mobile screen, for fear of coming across as rude or impolite. You simply glance at your watch, no big deal. It is an innovative solution to the brightness of a smartphone screen and the interruptions it can cause. Use it when you are held up at meetings for long hours without interrupting the process.

Although there will be users that say that telling the time is one of the most basic features of a smartphone, there will be situations wherein you cannot use a phone and your watch will come in handy then. Not just that, who wouldn’t want to get their money’s worth from a timepiece that they are investing on? Those who love flaunting watches will agree. A classic and aesthetic timepiece amounts to nearly the same price as a classical smartwatch. There are a few regular and less expensive timepieces available and this rule does not apply to them. It is a convenient and reliable option to use a smartwatch owing to the ease of access and use.

Many smartphone users are now leaning on their phones to monitor their daily activity. Smartphones now have applications that can track the movement of the user, record the number of steps they take and give a general review of their health. Not to be left behind, HP has built this feature into their smartwatches. All you need to do is strap on your watch like you would a fit-bit. Your smartwatch will keep a track of the number of steps you have taken in a day and monitor your daily activity status.

Smartphones are beneficial for the most part and there is no replacing them, that is a given. But in those unfortunate situations where you have to turn them off or not use them, a smartwatch may come in handy. Besides, strapping on a watch is more comfortable than lugging around a handheld device all day long, especially if the watch can do everything the phone does!