Thu, 11/24/2016 - 19:01

HP has a wide range of products and each of their products are aimed at appealing to a particular audience. But there a few of their products that caught our eye and we thought we should tell you too!

First on the list is definitely the HP Sprocket Printer. We love how they've named it, like a little rocket. This is an adorable looking pocket printer (that's right!) that you can carry around everywhere you go. It is especially helpful for those that love capturing and preserving lifetime memories instantly. It comes in 3 colors- red, black and white. We personally have a huge thing for the red one, it is as vibrant as red lipstick on a mundane day. You don't even have to connect your phone to this printer using a wire. Choose the photo you wish to print, share it to your printer and you'll have an instant print. This printer uses a special kind of paper to print on and it gets printed with an easy to peel sticker on the back of the printer. This printer is an absolute must have in everyone's gadget collection.

Second on the list is the HP Pavilion 360 laptop. The intriguing thing about this laptop is that it can switch to four different modes using the screen only. There are four ways in which you can practically fold the laptop for different purposes. Say you're watching a movie or playing a game, you can make the laptop stand on its sides or fold it like a tent instead of holding it or balancing it using your hands. You can also use it like a regular laptop and even use the screen alone in tablet mode. The hinge of the laptop has been designed to ensure fluidity no matter how old the laptop is and how many times you opened it. It also has an impressive battery life of over 9 hours during which time, you can afford to go charge free. It's got dual HP Speakers and HP Audio Boost which makes watching movies on your laptop a different experience altogether. The memory, at 1 TB is also good enough to make us swoon. If you haven't got it yet, you probably should hit the store right now.

Next up, we have the very popular and exquisitely designed HP Elite X3. The one most prominent selling feature of this device is that it is a one size fits all. We'll explain better. This is a 3-in-1 device that can work with the power of a PC or a desktop or fit in your palm to be a humble smartphone. This device runs on Windows 10 making it a very viable option for office goers. The report that you left unfinished at work yesterday and is due tomorrow? Get it done on your smartphone on your way to work next morning with your smartphone. The device also has a unique barcode scanner inbuilt, making it a literal hand held scan solution. It's got a fingerprint reader, audio designed by B&O PLAY, a 16 mega pixel camera, noise cancelling earphones and a lot more. There are many reasons to buy this phone and if you are the dynamic workforce kind, this is another must-have on your list.

Fourth on the list is the stylish and compact HP Deskjet INk Advanatage 3700 printer. HP claims it is the world's smallest inkjet printer and although we may not know if this is true, we know that it certainly is small. It can be used wirelessly and with the HP Smart app. It is a multifunction printer using which you can print, copy and scan. The cartridges are also affordable and efficient and can provide clear, crisp prints. You can choose from over 7 different options and decide on a model that fits your bill to the T. Our personal favourites are the 3775, 3776, 3777 models. They are great to look at, super stylish and have everything one would need from a printer.

Last on our list is the HP External Portable USB 3.0 Hard Drive. Now normally, hard drives don't get featured on such lists, they are widely overlooked. But this one has a special place on our list because of its rave reviews and handy features. This hard drive is compatible with Windows operating systems and can store gigantic amounts of data in a completely secure fashion with its 1 TB storage space. Any Windows system with versions above Windows XP can use this hard drive and it also can be used with tablets and desktops.

That was a list of all our favorite products from HP, we're sure there are many more. Its just that these were the ones that filled our list. Do tell us which of these captured your heart. Even if you have something other than this list from HP, we're all ears here!